Kabaal Klankbaan has the ability to stay fresh and interesting and keep the crowd engaged throughout his live sets.” – Lize Scheepers, TheFuss.co.za

Representing the variety of life through sad-yet-upbeat songs whilst always having fun, Kabaal klankbaan’s music is mostly lyrically driven and bounces between heartfelt romanticism, melancholy, and a tongue-in-cheek outlook. Describing themselves as a folk-rock band who likes finger-guns a little too much, 2020 sees them celebrating their 10th year of bringing something unexpected to the South African music industry.

With two full length albums and a collection of singles to their name celebrating a combination of quirky humour and fun songs, they vary from alternative folk-rock, indie-pop, folky dystopian love songs and bluesy rock & roll, to songs about robots and video games.

Photo by Christelle Duvenage.

Kabaal klankbaan originally started in 2010 with Floris Groenewald writing his own songs and discovering bands at music festivals and online who didn’t fit into the mainstream moulds. When he couldn’t find the right people to start a proper band with, he made some bedroom recordings by himself and started as a mostly-Afrikaans solo act. In 2016, whilst organising an annual Halloween-themed show, he assembled a full band to play with him. He enjoyed the experience so much that he set out to find a permanent group. Over the years the band has naturally morphed into a bilingual project.

Photo by Christelle Duvenage

Photos by Christelle Duvenage

Photos by Christelle Duvenage. From left to right Floris Groenewald, Tebatso Rampedi, and Hewie Becker.

Frontman Floris Groenewald features on lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar in the band, but earns his keep as a video editor by day. With favourite bands such as Eels, The Cure and The Black Keys, he enjoys folk, alternative, indie, and soft rock, blues and punk music with the occasional super-catchy bubblegum pop song in between.

Bassist Hewie Becker started playing bass in 2003 through being friends with skaters and band kids. Looking to distinguish himself and seeing as he is exceedingly unathletic and couldn’t skateboard,he picked up the bass. Inspired by all kinds of punk, ska, sad boy and “Ozzy Osbourne types of music”, his favourite bands include Yndian Mynah, Pollinator, PUP, Swayze, Brutus, Amigo The Devil and more.

Drummer Tebatso Rampedi has played full time in Unclassifiable, ColourBlind Politicians, Skinnee Sunrise, Kabaal klankbaan and Pavement Special, and has also substituted for Them Dirty Shrikes, The Ceramics, Meel Vignetting and Ultra Mel. He has been playing drums since the age of 16, and enjoys listening to the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Enter Shikari, Billy Talent and The Police.

An interest starting with making music when some new waves were being made in the Alternative Afrikaans music by bands such as Klopjag, Karen Zoid and Ddisselblom, was helped along when Floris discovered Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Ultimately letting the music take it where it wants to go, is how Kabaal klankbaan ended up with what they are doing as a band today.

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