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What’s new and happening with Kabaal klankbaan

Our DOUBLE EP is here!

Today we’re dropping our third album – in the form of fifteen songs split over two EPs. If albums were babies, I guess this one would be twins.

En en jy (is lank reeds verby) is ’n intieme, akoestieke versameling van liedjies hoofsaaklik geïnspireerd deur die idees van konflik en kontras, sowel as die erkenning van die einde van ’n verhouding en ’n terugblik daarna na dit wat goed was.

Hunted Women is an electric guitar-driven shade of full-band folk-rock, with hints of bluesy and gospel influences, about people who are trying to escape the ghosts of the past. The EP is self produced by frontman Floris Groenewald with the main band being Hewie Becker on bass, Tebatso Rampedi on drums, and Nina Kajee providing backing vocals.

For more info, check out our individual discography pages for Ek en jy (is lank reeds verby) and Hunted Women – or stream them on your platform of choice: Hunted Women & Ek en jy (is lank reeds verby).

Hunted Woman & Soms

Two new Kabaal klankbaan songs are being released today: Hunted Woman and Soms (kabaal/klankbaan).

These songs are the first previews from our upcoming DOUBLE EP release, Hunted Women and Ek en jy (is lank reeds verby), both dropping on 12 November.

Picture by Christelle Duvenage

“HUNTED WOMAN is about getting to know someone, but realising they have a past that haunts them. Nobody is baggage-free, manic pixie dream girls don’t exist, and sometimes you just need to take comfort in a one-night stand or a glass of whiskey.”

Frontman Floris Groenewald

HUNTED WOMAN is a little darker than most KABAAL KLANKBAAN songs, with organ and pounding drums adding a somewhat theatrical element to an imperfect love story of a woman who’s looking for an escape, and a man who is trying but failing to help her. The single features a punchy energy and instrumentation that neatly underscores the narrative, but also thematically gives a great preview of what the full EP is about.

Picture by Floris Groenewald

“SOMS gaan oor die wonde van die verlede wat ons soms saam met ons dra, wat nie regtig welkom is in nuwe verhoudings nie, maar onvermydelik ‘n invloed daarop het. Dit word aangebied uit die oogpunt van iemand wat wonder oor hul minnaar se verlede.”

Liedjieskrywer Floris GRoenewald

Die enkelsnit is ‘n energieke, tradisionele Afrikaanse folk-rocklied wat kontrasteer met die liriese inhoud – die klassieke ‘sad song, with a beat‘. Die energieke akoestiese klank van hierdie liedjie is ‘n lekker inleiding tot wat volg, en hopelik ‘n toeganklike storie met emosionele relevante lirieke wat aan die gevoelige kant van verhoudings raak, maar nie te swaarmoedig is nie.

Not Tonight, Josephine music video

The video for NOT TONIGHT, JOSEPHINE was shot over the course of two days in late October and early November, around the band’s home base in the Pretoria’s Moot area. Directed by frontman Floris Groenewald, who together with photographer extraordinaire, friend of the band and lead actor in the video, Marnus Strydom, took turns shooting. The video stars Adél Swanepoel, aka cosplayer Avelyn Swan, as the female lead.

With a simple concept featuring a run-and-gun guerilla shooting style, the video was inspired by French New Wave film director Jean-Luc Godard. In 1960, he released a film called A Bout de Soufflé (aka Breathless), and KABAAL KLANKBAAN‘s video is very much a homage to, or a mini-remake of the film. They decided that doing this kind of visual tribute not only enables them to retell a fun little story in their own style, but also borrow some of the built-in 60’s French ‘cool factor‘, and reference a classic for any cinephiles who happen to see it.

“We definitely wanted to do something that’s somewhat out-of-the-box and a music video that we haven’t seen before. I have a serious soft spot for French New Wave films in general, and specifically for Breathless, and since the movie already addresses similar themes to the song, features an unconventional will-they/won’t-they relationship, and practically welcomes homage through leading by example, it felt like the perfect fit.” – Floris Groenewald.

Fans can look forward to a black-and-white mini-movie about a guy who’s on the run, who meets up with a woman and hides out with her. The band tried to mimic the French New Wave style that inspired the video through using jumpcuts, handheld cameras, documentary-style production values, and very lightly touching on the existential themes presented in the original film. But of course, they have also included their signature tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

Happy 10th birthday

Nou’s dit 10 jaar later

en alles voel anders.

Today is kinda officially Kabaal klankbaan’s 10th birthday. And it’s been a weird ten years. On 2 October 2010 I played my first show as “Kabaal klankbaan”. Before that I released a couple of (badly) home-recorded songs on the internet, but I can’t remember when the first one dropped, so I guess 2 October is as officialy of a birthday as possible.

I’m pretty sure we were waiting for the Venga Bus to come.
Bus stop photos by Christelle Duvenage.

To mark the occasion, I thought it would be cool to release a song (in the form of a lyric video, for now). I wrote The Flogsta Scream a couple of years ago when I first found out about the phenomenon of students in Sweden communicating via the ritual of a 10PM anonymous and long-distance screaming session. I watched this video on YouTube and the concept fascinated me. There’s something beautiful about the primal connection with another human being made simply through sound. You know, almost like with music.
But for whatever reason, I didn’t really know what to do with the song, so I just recorded a demo on my phone and left it.

Then lockdown happened.

Suddenly, there was something super relatable about being stuck somewhere, with a constant sense of anxiety, and being cut off from most everyday forms of communication and connection with other people. The time had come to record the song. Even better, I found the idea of doing it remotely, via the internet, super appropriate. I got some drum tracks recorded via email, and put out a call on social media for people to sing along with the final chorus.
I’m very happy with how it all came out, but judge for yourself:

Okay but we also did stuff as a band.

Lockdown threw a spanner in the works, but we managed to postpone our recording plans to August. We went to High Seas Studios in Joburg, and recorded a new version of Not Tonight, Josephine. Look out for it wherever songs are found end of October.

Lastly, we’ve got a real-life show coming up

We’re playing at Park Acoustics on 25 October. Also on the lineup is Matthew Mole, Bye Beneco, and The Great Yawn. Get your tickets for R150 at – due to regulations, there’s only 500 tickets available, so act fast!

Okay here’s your summary if you skipped all the words to just get to the juice:

  • It’s our 10th birthday today. If you wanna eat cake, that’s cool.
  • The lyric video for The Flogsta Scream is on YouTube today.
  • Our new song, recorded as a real three-piece band, is coming end of October.
  • We’re playing at Park Acoustics on the 25th. It’ll be cool if you come (buy one of only 500 tickets before they sell out)

Wow. Let’s do 10 more years.

APRIL FOOLS: New cover Album: Ricky Martin

Kabaal klankbaan is proud to announce a brand new cover album, Ricky Martin.
Featuring Kabaal klankbaan’s recreations of the 14 songs from Ricky Martin’s eponymous 1999 album, we decided that 19 years is the perfect gestation period for this album — in 2018, the world might finally be ready to appreciate its artistic merit.


1. Livin’ la Vida Loca
2. Spanish Eyes
3. She’s All I Ever Had
4. Shake Your Bon-Bon
5. Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazón) (featuring Madonna)
6. I Am Made of You
7. Love You for a Day
8. Private Emotion
9. The Cup of Life
10. You Stay with Me
11. Livin’ la Vida Loca (Afrikaans version)
12. I Count the Minutes
13. Bella (She’s All I Ever Had)
14. Maria

Find Kabaal klankbaan’s Ricky Martin now on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, and Spotify.

The Bride of Halloween 2: Plan B from Outer Space

Die Hard, Jaws, Michael Myers, The Sith – and even Freddy Krueger had their revenge. Now it’s our turn, with

The Bride of Halloween 2:

Plan B from Outer Space

And this time, it’s personal.

[LOL j/k]

Yes, it’s the unnecessary but very-much desired sequel to last year’s Kabaal klankbaan-hosted Halloween gig. Taking place on 28 October at The Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg, and featuring The Fake Leather Blues Band, Wolfgang Marrow, and The Black Cat Bones – all putting their best skeletal foot forward to bring you something completely different..

The Bride of Halloween 2: Plan B from Outer Space


  • What is The Bride of Halloween? The Bride of Halloween is the culmination of Kabaal klankbaan frontman Floris’ obsession with Halloween. It’s a gig where Kabaal klankbaan does a one-night-only Halloween-themed show full of songs about ghosts, robots, mad scientists, creepy stalkers, voodoo dolls, and supernatural things.
    You can think of it as a tribute concert. But instead of a tribute to The Beatles or Pearl Jam or Alien Ant Farm, it’s a tribute night to Halloween itself – focusing on a love for movie tropes from Hollywood’s Horror and science-fiction cinema of the 1930’s to 50’s.
    We’ll aim to transport you to a late-night double feature celebration of everything strange, theatrical, musical and Halloweeny. Throw back to a bygone era where stories were bold, scares were legit, and the chances of survival were slim…
  • Wait, did you say “one night only”?
    Indeed. Contrary to popular wisdom and advice to just keep doing the same show over and over again, Kabaal klankbaan likes things special and exclusive. Most of last year’s show ended up on YouTube, but this year’s won’t, so you’ll have to be there, or stay in the metaphorical dark forever!
  • I missed the first The Bride of Halloween – will I be confused?
    Not at all. Though the name contains the number 2 and a subtitle, in proper B-movie style there’s nothing to catch up, or no real plot to miss out on. It’s one-night, self-contained fun!
  • Will The Bride of Halloween be bigger/better/cheaper than another show on the same night?
    Obviously. R50 (if you’re dressed for Halloween, R60 otherwise) is pretty amazing value for money! It’s the cheapest Halloween gig in Gauteng that I know of, PLUS it’s the only one that’s as thoroughly Halloween-themed featuring some special just-for-one-night covers.
  • Why aren’t there any international acts on the lineup?
    Because they’re expensive. If you want international, catch Alien Ant Farm at The Good Luck Bar on the previous night – Friday 27 October!
  • Did you say “Halloween band”?
    Actually I didn’t. But now that you mention it – Kabaal klankbaan has once again assembled a full band to do the Halloweening with. ALL THIS STILL FOR ONLY R50!


Just kidding – that was all.

What: The Bride of Halloween 2: Plan B from Outer Space
When: 28 October 2017
Where: The Good Luck Bar, JHB
Cover: R50 if dressed up | R60 if not
Facebook event:


Kabaal klankbaan calls it quits

Kabaal klankbaan calls it quits.


After sorting out through our creative differences, Kabaal klankbaan has decided to skip April fool’s day and just keep playing gigs. No drama here!

Here are some upcoming shows for April

Feel free to click the links:

It’ll make me happy if you come to one of these shows.
It’ll probably make you happy too.

I am building a Robot Girlfriend: Kabaal Klankbaan Releases New Single

Quirky indie folk-rock band Kabaal klankbaan is back with a new standalone single, “Robot Girlfriend”. This follows their second album, Baptism, released in June 2015.

Kabaal klankbaan - Robot Girlfriend single cover

In contrast to the self-produced, bedroom-recorded Baptism, Robot Girlfriend was produced by previous collaborator Peach van Pletzen (Yesterday’s Pupil, Bittereinder), and recorded at Planet Awesome in Greenside, Johannesburg.

Robot Girlfriend is a fun, humourous, electro/indie-pop song with a fair share of sincerity and heart.

Floris Groenewald, songwriter, frontman, and vocalist, describes the song with his tongue in his cheek: “Robot Girlfriend is simply about how flippin’ sweet it would be to have a girlfriend who’s a robot.”

“But it’s also about when your love life is so completely disappointing that you just retreat into a fantasy world and reject all sense of reality – or so my doctors say.”

Robot Girlfriend is available on iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc.


Kabaal klankbaan is Gauteng-based musician Floris Groenewald’s folk-rock music project. “It’s not a stage name,” says Floris, “but a band, of which I’m the only permanent member.” They play acoustic, alternative folk-rock, which varies from indie-pop songs, folky dystopian love songs, bluesy rock & roll, to songs about robots and video games.

Most live performances consist of one guy with an acoustic guitar, harmonica, and stompbox, rocking and rolling and folking in an attempt to ignore genre limitations. His next show might be Afrikaans, English, bilingual, folky, rocky, accompanied or solo. In 2015 Kabaal klankbaan performed several times as a duo, joined by saxophinist Andre van Coller, and for a special Halloween show in October 2016, they pulled out all the stops as a four-piece band.


Kabaal klankbaan has released a debut album, Dit wat oorgebly het, in October 2012, closely followed by a standalone, free download single, This town is for lovers, in November 2012. They launched a new single, Player Two (featuring Gad de Combes from Adventure Man and Shortstraw), in October 2013, and a second full-length album, Baptism, in June 2015.

Their latest single, Robot Girlfriend, has already been playlisted on MixFM, MFM, IFM, Radio Active Rock, and Red Cap Radio.








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