These are probably the three most romantic songs I’ve written. Kabaal klankbaan presents a new EP – I’m Not Good with Promises – featuring three songs about promises.

I’m pretty sure I promised to release new music this year, and I’m a man of my word, so here it is.

Floris Groenewald, Kabaal klankbaan frontman
Cover art by Marnus Strydom.

Firstly, If It’s All the Same (aka Title Track) is the most romantic song I’ve written about one night stands. Inspired by a combination of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and the Jeff Bridges movie Crazy Heart, If It’s All the Same looks at the life of a troubadour who’s seen the world and never settled down, and has a jaded, hard, yet still romantic relationship with love and one night stands. With drums by Peach van Pletzen and horns by Cam Henderson.

Broken Promises is the most romantic song I’ve written about being someone’s side-guy. Or wanting to be someone’s side-guy. Or settling for being a side-guy? Or is it literally about performing on a stage? Hey, if you can figure out what the song is about, let me know. This song has Rian Britz on accordian.

Lastly, The Pact is the most romantic song I’ve written about marriage pacts. I guess that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Photo by Christelle Duvenage

I’m Not Good With Promises was mixed and mastered by Louise Eksteen at The Backline. Check it out for yourself on your favourite streaming service.