Player Two (featuring Gad de Combes), originally planned as a bonus track for the upcoming album Baptism, proved to be too good to wait. The song was released on Friday 25 October 2013 as a free download, and as the title track of a single/mini-EP available online and on CD.

The 3-song collection features an extra track, Let’s Not Go Back To Austin, and 2012’s online single release, This Town Is For Lovers.

“Player Two is a playful and fun take on heartbreak and loss – especially when it comes to people who are into video games,” says the man behind Kabaal (klankbaan), Floris Groenewald.

Player Two is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud, with videos on YouTube.

1. Player Two (feat. Gad de Combes)
2. Let’s Not Go Back To Austin
3. This Town Is For Lovers

Player Two produced, recorded, mixed by Evert Snyman, and mastered by Louise Eksteen at The Backline, JHB.
Let’s not go back to Austin produced & recorded by Floris Groenewald, mixed and mastered by Louise Eksteen at The Backline.
This town is for lovers recorded & mixed by David Grevler at Anti-Motion Studios,  JHB. Mastered by Rogen Kelsey at Lapdust Audio Mastering.