In contrast to the self-produced, bedroom-recorded Baptism, Robot Girlfriend was produced by previous collaborator Peach van Pletzen (Yesterday’s Pupil, Bittereinder), and recorded at Planet Awesome in Greenside, Johannesburg.

Robot Girlfriend is a fun, humourous, electro/indie-pop song with a fair share of sincerity and heart.

Kabaal klankbaan - Robot Girlfriend single cover

Floris Groenewald, songwriter, frontman, and vocalist, describes the song with his tongue in cheek: “Robot Girlfriend is simply about how flippin sweet it would be to have a girlfriend who’s a robot.”

“But it’s also about when your love life is so completely disappointing that you just retreat into a fantasy world and reject all sense of reality – or so my doctors say.”

Robot Girlfriend is available on most streaming services, including Bandcamp.

Produced by Peach van Pletzen at Planet Awesome.
Written by Floris Groenewald.
All instruments by Peach van Pletzen, vocals by Floris Groenewald.
Mixed & mastered by Peach van Pletzen at Planet Awesome.

“Catchy, simplistic and endlessly bouncy, [Robot Girlfriend] is a track which will stay firmly lodged in your mind for some time.”
– Skye Mallac,

“[Robot Girlfriend] definitely left a smile on my face, as it is instrumentally strong and tells a good story. Kabaal Klankbaan has the ability to stay fresh and interesting and keep the crowd engaged throughout his live sets.”
– Lize Scheepers,