The video for NOT TONIGHT, JOSEPHINE was shot over the course of two days in late October and early November, around the band’s home base in the Pretoria’s Moot area. Directed by frontman Floris Groenewald, who together with photographer extraordinaire, friend of the band and lead actor in the video, Marnus Strydom, took turns shooting. The video stars Adél Swanepoel, aka cosplayer Avelyn Swan, as the female lead.

With a simple concept featuring a run-and-gun guerilla shooting style, the video was inspired by French New Wave film director Jean-Luc Godard. In 1960, he released a film called A Bout de Soufflé (aka Breathless), and KABAAL KLANKBAAN‘s video is very much a homage to, or a mini-remake of the film. They decided that doing this kind of visual tribute not only enables them to retell a fun little story in their own style, but also borrow some of the built-in 60’s French ‘cool factor‘, and reference a classic for any cinephiles who happen to see it.

“We definitely wanted to do something that’s somewhat out-of-the-box and a music video that we haven’t seen before. I have a serious soft spot for French New Wave films in general, and specifically for Breathless, and since the movie already addresses similar themes to the song, features an unconventional will-they/won’t-they relationship, and practically welcomes homage through leading by example, it felt like the perfect fit.” – Floris Groenewald.

Fans can look forward to a black-and-white mini-movie about a guy who’s on the run, who meets up with a woman and hides out with her. The band tried to mimic the French New Wave style that inspired the video through using jumpcuts, handheld cameras, documentary-style production values, and very lightly touching on the existential themes presented in the original film. But of course, they have also included their signature tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.