“Catchy, simplistic and endlessly bouncy, [Robot Girlfriend] is a track which will stay firmly lodged in your mind for some time.”
– Skye Mallac,

“[Robot Girlfriend] definitely left a smile on my face, as it is instrumentally strong and tells a good story. Kabaal klankbaan has the ability to stay fresh and interesting and keep the crowd engaged throughout his live sets.”
– Lize Scheepers,

“[Radio Silence het] my uitgeboul right off the bat.”
– Rolbees, – Baptism (30 Jul 2015)

“Expertly blended sonic layers merge to create an accumulation of varying aspects of folk-rock sound while an assortment of percussive effects adds depth to the music.”
– Skye Mallac, SA Music – ALBUM REVIEW: Kabaal Klankbaan – Baptism (9 Oct 2015)

Interviews: Love In The Time Of The Robot Uprising [3 Nov 2016]

Perdeby: Kabaal klankbaan to rock the Cool Inc Tattoo Expo (28 Oct 2015)

MK: Kabaal klankbaan: Musiek is alles! (28 Jul 2015)

“[Kabaal klankbaan is] music for rainy weather, for when you are writing, or reading a heart-breaking novel, or thinking about a lost lover.”
– Jessica Kramer, Kabaal (klankbaan): A constant reinvention (7 Jul 2015)

“Kabaal Klankbaan het al wyd beïndruk met sy musiek”
– Henry Cloete, Kabaal klankbaan: “Vir my gaan musiek grootliks oor ervarings deel en samesyn” (18 Jun 2015) Kabaal klanbaan (12 Jun 2014)

Henry Cloete, Litnet: Kabaal klankbaan: Proe soos jou ouma se melktert (16 Jan 2013)

“[‘This town is for lovers’ is] pragtig – een van daai tipe liedjies wat jou oë outomatiese toe forseer. Dit is sielvol en ryk en het my skoon opgewonde oor die nuwe album wat aan die skaaf is. ”
– Sune Lotter, MK: Ontmoet Kabaal (klankbaan) (5 Des 2012) Kabaal (klankbaan) interview en This town is for lovers kersgeskenk! (26 Nov 2012)


I want A Thousand Guitars: Download: Two SA musicians team up for a fun take on heartbreak & loss (15 Nov 2013)

Drop Your Drink: Player Two – Kabaal (klankbaan) (New Music) (31 Oct 2013) Free download: Kabaal (klankbaan) releases ‘This town is for lovers’ (27 Nov 2012)