Nope, this has nothing to do with my song of the same name – I guess I now have to apologise for using such a terrible click-bait subject line.


But sometimes, when you really want people to get your message, you have to trick them into opening your emails. Here’s what I think is important to know: (If you hate all this support-your-local-musician nonsense, skip to the bottom of the post where there’s a new YouTube video and gig listing)

How to easily and cheaply support a musician or band

Numbers are important, as much as they suck. Not only to the band, but often also to anyone looking from the outside and judging the band (to maybe book them for an event or festival, for example). I’ve always dreamt of being one of those more-than-1000-Facebook-likes bands, but trends change and growth plateaus and you end up stuck on 600-and-something for more time than you’d like to admit:

Sorry - Kabaal klankbaan page likes

So here’s some things you can do about it:

(Not only for Kabaal klankbaan, but for all bands or musicians you like)

  • Like the Facebook page
  • Follow them on Instagram
  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel (also watch a video or two)
  • Follow them on Soundcloud
  • Stream their music on your favourite streaming service (Deezer, Google Play, Apple Music)
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • On all these platforms, also interact with the band. Comments, likes, downloads, retweets, including a song in a playlist, watch videos, etc, are all probably way more valuable than you think. Not only to make it look like the band has fans, but also to get more people noticing things.

And old-school, but not least

  • Request their songs on your favourite radio station (Kabaal klankbaan’s Robot Girlfriend has been playlisted on MixFM, KovsieFM, MFM, PUK FM, Radio Active Rock, Red Cap Radio, IFM, The Grind Radio, and maybe even one or two I’m not aware of)
  • Open the emails they send you so they don’t feel like lonely and worthless spammers
  • Tell your friends, and/or share links

And for those with a few bucks to spare, remember to

  • Buy music (CD or digital)
  • Buy merch like T-shirts
  • Go to gigs
  • Stop by the merch table at gigs and festivals

I almost forgot to tell you about our new YouTube video

It’s from our (soon-to-be annual) Halloween show, The Bride of Halloween (mark your calenders for 29 October). Here’s Kabaal klankbaan’s cover of the werewolfy Eels song, Fresh Blood:

Also, did I ever tell you about my creepy Chris Chameleon cover that went online last month? (see, that’s why you should subscribe on YouTube)

Or our rendition of Dammit Janet (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)?

Here are some upcoming shows for the winter (but check Facebook or our website for updates)

Feel free to click the links:

11 June – Beerhouse, Fourways
14 June – Arcade Empire, PTA
17 June – To be confirmed, PTA
22 July – The Cockpit Brewhouse, Cullinan
25 July – Sinkshack, Bronkhorstspruit
30 July – Otterlake German Restaurant, PTA