The Bride of Halloween 2: Plan B from Outer Space

Die Hard, Jaws, Michael Myers, The Sith – and even Freddy Krueger had their revenge. Now it’s our turn, with

The Bride of Halloween 2:

Plan B from Outer Space

And this time, it’s personal.

[LOL j/k]

Yes, it’s the unnecessary but very-much desired sequel to last year’s Kabaal klankbaan-hosted Halloween gig. Taking place on 28 October at The Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg, and featuring The Fake Leather Blues Band, Wolfgang Marrow, and The Black Cat Bones – all putting their best skeletal foot forward to bring you something completely different..

The Bride of Halloween 2: Plan B from Outer Space


  • What is The Bride of Halloween? The Bride of Halloween is the culmination of Kabaal klankbaan frontman Floris’ obsession with Halloween. It’s a gig where Kabaal klankbaan does a one-night-only Halloween-themed show full of songs about ghosts, robots, mad scientists, creepy stalkers, voodoo dolls, and supernatural things.
    You can think of it as a tribute concert. But instead of a tribute to The Beatles or Pearl Jam or Alien Ant Farm, it’s a tribute night to Halloween itself – focusing on a love for movie tropes from Hollywood’s Horror and science-fiction cinema of the 1930’s to 50’s.
    We’ll aim to transport you to a late-night double feature celebration of everything strange, theatrical, musical and Halloweeny. Throw back to a bygone era where stories were bold, scares were legit, and the chances of survival were slim…
  • Wait, did you say “one night only”?
    Indeed. Contrary to popular wisdom and advice to just keep doing the same show over and over again, Kabaal klankbaan likes things special and exclusive. Most of last year’s show ended up on YouTube, but this year’s won’t, so you’ll have to be there, or stay in the metaphorical dark forever!
  • I missed the first The Bride of Halloween – will I be confused?
    Not at all. Though the name contains the number 2 and a subtitle, in proper B-movie style there’s nothing to catch up, or no real plot to miss out on. It’s one-night, self-contained fun!
  • Will The Bride of Halloween be bigger/better/cheaper than another show on the same night?
    Obviously. R50 (if you’re dressed for Halloween, R60 otherwise) is pretty amazing value for money! It’s the cheapest Halloween gig in Gauteng that I know of, PLUS it’s the only one that’s as thoroughly Halloween-themed featuring some special just-for-one-night covers.
  • Why aren’t there any international acts on the lineup?
    Because they’re expensive. If you want international, catch Alien Ant Farm at The Good Luck Bar on the previous night – Friday 27 October!
  • Did you say “Halloween band”?
    Actually I didn’t. But now that you mention it – Kabaal klankbaan has once again assembled a full band to do the Halloweening with. ALL THIS STILL FOR ONLY R50!


Just kidding – that was all.

What: The Bride of Halloween 2: Plan B from Outer Space
When: 28 October 2017
Where: The Good Luck Bar, JHB
Cover: R50 if dressed up | R60 if not
Facebook event:


Fresh Blood (Eels cover) – Live at The Bride of Halloween 2016

Stapelgek (Chris Chameleon cover) – Live at The Bride of Halloween 2016

Kabaal klankbaan calls it quits

Kabaal klankbaan calls it quits.


After sorting out through our creative differences, Kabaal klankbaan has decided to skip April fool’s day and just keep playing gigs. No drama here!

Here are some upcoming shows for April

Feel free to click the links:

It’ll make me happy if you come to one of these shows.
It’ll probably make you happy too.

Valentine’s Day – Live at The Bride of Halloween 2016

The Time Warp (Rocky Horror cover) – Live at The Bride of Halloween 2016

Robot Girlfriend – Live at The Bride of Halloween 2016

I am building a Robot Girlfriend: Kabaal Klankbaan Releases New Single

Quirky indie folk-rock band Kabaal klankbaan is back with a new standalone single, “Robot Girlfriend”. This follows their second album, Baptism, released in June 2015.

Kabaal klankbaan - Robot Girlfriend single cover

In contrast to the self-produced, bedroom-recorded Baptism, Robot Girlfriend was produced by previous collaborator Peach van Pletzen (Yesterday’s Pupil, Bittereinder), and recorded at Planet Awesome in Greenside, Johannesburg.

Robot Girlfriend is a fun, humourous, electro/indie-pop song with a fair share of sincerity and heart.

Floris Groenewald, songwriter, frontman, and vocalist, describes the song with his tongue in his cheek: “Robot Girlfriend is simply about how flippin’ sweet it would be to have a girlfriend who’s a robot.”

“But it’s also about when your love life is so completely disappointing that you just retreat into a fantasy world and reject all sense of reality – or so my doctors say.”

Robot Girlfriend is available on iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc.


Kabaal klankbaan is Gauteng-based musician Floris Groenewald’s folk-rock music project. “It’s not a stage name,” says Floris, “but a band, of which I’m the only permanent member.” They play acoustic, alternative folk-rock, which varies from indie-pop songs, folky dystopian love songs, bluesy rock & roll, to songs about robots and video games.

Most live performances consist of one guy with an acoustic guitar, harmonica, and stompbox, rocking and rolling and folking in an attempt to ignore genre limitations. His next show might be Afrikaans, English, bilingual, folky, rocky, accompanied or solo. In 2015 Kabaal klankbaan performed several times as a duo, joined by saxophinist Andre van Coller, and for a special Halloween show in October 2016, they pulled out all the stops as a four-piece band.


Kabaal klankbaan has released a debut album, Dit wat oorgebly het, in October 2012, closely followed by a standalone, free download single, This town is for lovers, in November 2012. They launched a new single, Player Two (featuring Gad de Combes from Adventure Man and Shortstraw), in October 2013, and a second full-length album, Baptism, in June 2015.

Their latest single, Robot Girlfriend, has already been playlisted on MixFM, MFM, IFM, Radio Active Rock, and Red Cap Radio.








The Bride of Halloween

“UGH. Another one of Kabaal klankbaan’s silly news posts,” is what you’re thinking. “More gig invitations. More spam about music, CDs, and T-shirts for sale.”
Except this one is different. Presenting:

The Bride of Halloween

Kabaal klankbaan plays a lot of shows. But our Halloween show, The Bride of Halloween, is special. And I’d really appreciate it if you come. Even more than usual.

As a little passion project, Kabaal klankbaan has been preparing a super-secret, super-special, super-exclusive, first-time-ever, never-to-be-repeated Halloween set. And a Halloween party. To be played with a Halloween band.

The Bride of Halloween

Did you say “Halloween Party”?

Yes I did. But not actually ON Halloween. That would be way too mainstream. Also it’s a Monday and no-one wants to party on a Monday. So this party happens on THURSDAY 27 October, at Railway Cafe in Irene.
That’s right, if you’re good at convincing you can convince yourself that it’s a very reasonable distance to travel on a weeknight from wherever you live.

Did you say “never-to-be-repeated Halloween set”?

Yes I did. I put together a bunch of my favourite Halloween-flavoured songs, featuring close encounters, werewolves, Martians, transsexuals from Transylvania, chameleons, stalkers, ghosts, voodoo, robots, and more.

The Bride of Halloween

Did you say “Halloween band”?

OH YES I DID. Especially for Halloween, Kabaal klankbaan will have three extra members: Evert Snyman (of Pollinator, Gay Thing, & The Deaf Commission) on drums, Fred van der Merwe (Crystal Park, Shotgun Tori, & The Hellphones) on bass, and Louise Eksteen (Pollinator & Gay Thing) on keyboard & vocals. Another reason this’ll be a not-to-be-missed night!

Is there anything you forgot to mention?

Yip! Also on the lineup is one of Joburg’s most entertaining and funny singer-songwriters, Naming James, and Voodoo-blues lead vocalist of the Black Cat Bones, Kobus de Kock Jnr. This is a great show even if you HATE Kabaal klankbaan!

Details, please?

What: The Bride of Halloween – the telekinetic cousin of all those other Halloween gigs you hear about.
When: 27 October 2016, come at around 7 pm.
Where: Railways Cafe, Irene.
Cover: R30.
Why: Because I see you shiver with antici-
There’s even a Facebook event.

I also made a cute little video flyer to get you excited.

As always, thanks for being a nice web surfer and reading till the end. My next post will probably contain a nice little gift for you. No, really.

Kabaal klankbaan is turning 5 and you get a FREE Bonus EP!

Kabaal klankbaan’s newest album, Baptism, has already received some amazing praise:

“Dis baie mooi. Anna het dit ook baie geniet en 3 keer langer gevat as gewoonlik om my kamer skoon te maak, want sy wou nie loop voor die CD nie klaar is nie. Ek dink dis die CD van jou waarvan ek nog nie meeste hou, en dit kom van iemand wat nou al vir die 3de keer 79 is.” – Floris se Ouma Francie

“[Radio Silence] het my uitgeboul right off the bat. Dit maak jou siel stil vir ‘n paar minute. Jy hoor nie meer sulke songs deesdae nie.” – Rolbees,

“Pretty much the best album I’ve ever heard in the world ever ever ever. How is this guy not bigger than The Beatles yet?” – Floris, the very biased guy from Kabaal klankbaan

“How can it be bad if it’s printed on black?” – Some drunk guy at a show once.

And now, since you’ve obviously not gotten enough Baptism, Kabaal klankbaan presents: The Baptism Bonus EP. While recording Baptism, we went kinda overboard and produced five more tracks than what would fit on the album. And now you can have them too.

And because 2 October marks the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Kabaal klankbaan’s first live show, you can get it for FREE (for a limited time only).

Remember to click the “Download” button to download and keep this EP for free. Then listen to it whenever and wherever you want!


If you don’t believe me that we had some AMAZING fun with performing live over the last few months, check out all our new live videos on YouTube:

The Kabaal klankbaan channel is overflowing with new videos, and I’m sure your favourite song is in there somewhere!


Have you seen our new “This town is for lovers” T-shirts yet? Available to order from or via for only R150.


We have ONLY 8 of the previous T-shirts left (size Medium). Also available to order from or via for only R150.


Lastly, if you don’t have yours yet, get the new album Baptism from Bandcamp. The previous two releases (Dit wat oorgebly het & Player Two) are also available.



After a terrrrrrrrrific album launch tour, some amazing festival shows and special appearances by guest musicians, our shows are winding down for the rest of the year. Kabaal klankbaan will be playing here:

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