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2015 and everything.

I made a list of all the years that have ever been, and 2015 made my Top 5.
Even better: THIS 2015 was my #1 favourite 2015 I’ve ever had. And that was even before the new Star Wars came out.

So thank you. Thanks for coming to shows, still believing in CDs, and listening to the music! Thanks for supporting me all the way to STRAB in Mozambique, Oppikoppi, and from Benoni to Bronkhorstspruit. I was able to make and release my second album this year, and I simply can’t wait to do more.

At my last show of 2015 (16 December at The Good Luck Bar), I made a bootleg recording of the set. You can listen and download it below. It’s a free download, but will only be online for a limited time, so jump if you’re interested.

Kabaal klankbaan Live at the Good Luck Bar bootleg

More news about the future will be coming soon. For now, mark these dates on your calender for Kabaal klankbaan shows:

16 Jan 2016 – Sinkshack, Bronkhorstspruit
22 Jan 2016 – Railways Cafe, Irene

You can always also keep an eye on our website for the latest gig news!

I’ve been busy writing, recording, and planning, and I’m looking forward to sharing as much as possible of these new things with you. Yes, you.

Thanks for being here! 🙂

Kiss you on the cheek [Desmond and the tutus cover]

There was once this girl who busted a groove to the beat and then Shane from Desmond and the tutus* wanted to kiss her on the cheek. Okay maybe not really, but this one goes out to all the single ladies in the audience. Nina Rossouw helped out with some extra vocals. Isn’t she the best?

Baptism Bootlegs #4: A song to prove I can sing happy songs too.

*Their new album is available to pre-order on iTunes – yummy!

Girlfriend [Gil Hockman cover]

Sometimes you listen to a song and it’s familiar without being familiar. Presenting Kabaal klankbaan’s Baptism Bootleg #3: My version of Gil Hockman’s Girlfriend.

Baptism Bootlegs #3: A song about a girl I don’t know, sung as a song about a girl I did know.

Gone Daddy Gone [Violent Femmes cover]

From Wikipedia:

A bootleg recording is an audio or video recording of a performance that was not officially released by the artist or under other legal authority.

In other words, you didn’t get this from me.

Presenting Kabaal klankbaan’s Baptism Bootlegs #2:

Baptism Bootlegs #2: Where I recorded one of my influences on the upcoming album Baptism.

Sting [Boo cover]

1. I was busy recording a new (upcoming) Kabaal Klankbaan album.

2. I got a bit carried away and recorded way too many songs.

3. This is one of them.

Presenting Kabaal klankbaan’s Baptism Bootlegs #1: My interpretation of Boo!‘s Sting (with some backing vocals by Shotgun Tori).

Baptism Bootlegs #1: Where I took a sad Boo! song and made it even sadder.

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