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2015 and everything.

I made a list of all the years that have ever been, and 2015 made my Top 5.
Even better: THIS 2015 was my #1 favourite 2015 I’ve ever had. And that was even before the new Star Wars came out.

So thank you. Thanks for coming to shows, still believing in CDs, and listening to the music! Thanks for supporting me all the way to STRAB in Mozambique, Oppikoppi, and from Benoni to Bronkhorstspruit. I was able to make and release my second album this year, and I simply can’t wait to do more.

At my last show of 2015 (16 December at The Good Luck Bar), I made a bootleg recording of the set. You can listen and download it below. It’s a free download, but will only be online for a limited time, so jump if you’re interested.

Kabaal klankbaan Live at the Good Luck Bar bootleg

More news about the future will be coming soon. For now, mark these dates on your calender for Kabaal klankbaan shows:

16 Jan 2016 – Sinkshack, Bronkhorstspruit
22 Jan 2016 – Railways Cafe, Irene

You can always also keep an eye on our website for the latest gig news!

I’ve been busy writing, recording, and planning, and I’m looking forward to sharing as much as possible of these new things with you. Yes, you.

Thanks for being here! 🙂

Kabaal klankbaan wants YOU

Yes, we’re also jumping on the crowdfunding bandwagon. The thing is, we’ve made a new album and it’s practically ready to be released. But the only option we can afford (online-only release, since printing CDs is VERY EXPENSIVE) isn’t good enough. We’re really proud of the album we’ve made, and we’ll only be truly satisfied if everyone can listen to it on CD (as it’s intended).

Therefore, we’re launching a crowdfunding/pre-order campaign on IndieGoGo today. You can regard it as a fundraising project, or a charity case, or just a good, safe way to pre-order our new album. If you’d want to buy our new album, this campaign is by far the best way to do it. There’s even some cool perks to choose from as a reward for your contribution.


So please check out our IndieGoGo project. Even if you just watch the video, and maybe tell some friends about it, you’ll already be making a huge contribution towards the success of our campaign. The CDs can only be printed if the full goal amount (R8 660) is reached, so everyone’s help is needed, and appreciated A LOT!

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